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About Duke Commerce

Duke Commerce is comprised of industry specialists who, together, bring decades of experience in eCommerce, marketing, and logistics. Based in California and China, we are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and cultural competency to assist overseas clients who aim to scale their business in the U.S. e-market.  

The Duke Commerce 3-Fold Approach:

  1. Marketing: Our marketing consultants work diligently with the client to create a uniform branding package that will attract, inform, and retain loyal customers.
  2. Sales: Our e-commerce experts introduce and manage the client’s products across high-traffic e-platforms to expand sales channels, increase sales, and drive revenue.
  3. Logistics: Our operations management specialists oversee all logistic services including shipping and U.S.-based storage to lower costs and optimize operations.

Duke Commerce administers all the backend work that goes into scaling a business so that you can sit back and enjoy the outcome. Our work is strategy and data-driven to deliver results that are effective and measurable. Duke Commerce delivers Precise Solutions for Prosperous Commerce.